Foilayage from 901 training

Foilayage from 901 training



Hey! I am so happy you’re here! Thank you so much for thinking of me for your new look!

There are a few things as a new client that you should know!

Every client is asked to do a complimentary Consultation before I am able to schedule your service! I specialize in doing blonding services and It is important to know your hair history before I am able to start your appointment. ** SEE CONTACT ME PAGE*

The type of blonding I do is NOT compatible with hair that is overly short, previously box dyed, henna, or any previously permed or chemically straightened hair.

My Foilayage service can take a number of hours. That is to ensure that your hair stays as healthy as possible and you get the beautiful hair that you’re hoping for.

I look forward to seeing you!